EU Voters

Would you like to influence the local election in Prague 2?

Find out when and where to vote and what to bring with you on election day or what to do before.

Who is able to vote?

    • EU citizen with a temporary or permanent permit in Prague 2 with some of the documents below.


Who cannot vote?

  • EU citizen living in Prague 2 for ages without documents above.
  • You are under 18.
  • You missed Voters registration process (see below).

What to do before election days?

You just need to register at the The Borough Municipal Authority of Prague 2 (náměstí Míru 20, Praha 2 – 1st floor, office nr. 114) till October 3rd 4pm. Office hours are on Monday and Wednesday at 8am–12am and 1pm–5.30pm.

When to vote?

Election days are decided on Friday, October 5th (2pm–10 pm) and on Saturday, October 6th (8am–2 pm) at a Polling Places. Don’t forget your documents at home and be ready to vote TOP 09 🙂

How to vote?

Your Ballot paper will be ready at a Polling Place. Use a pen to fill a checkbox by crossline of your favorite Party and drop in the Paper to Ballot box.

Need more information?

Contact Mr. Ondřej Jícha from Executive agenda at +420 236 044 313.